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i was going to come home and go to bed, maybe talk to my beloved if he was still up (which he was not, it's ok beloved, you need rest, we all do) but i walked in the door, and there was a sewing machine, and faberic, and mirrors and beads and faberic cut and patterns and oh my my the wonders the wonders that can be made.... so i worked on another pillow, and thought more about the one i've been thinking about making, and about people deserving of pillows.... the original list of who was getting pillows when i started this project in like, october, has changed. and the design of some of the pillows i have done has changed. and i am learning. first off, patterns like the pillows in the previouse post look far better than more tradiational squares where if everything doesn't line up as nicely it looks off... three rows of lined up squares and one not, does not make for a happy krissy. (i construct those in strips) though it does make for a very home-made and original pillow. second thing, the embroydered mirrors one sees on alot of asian stuff, especially indian, are so pritty and easy to do, and they remind me of herbie's house, 'cause his couch pillows had mirrors on them, and so did my Jr year Boat Dance dress (which i didn't dance in much, 'cause of who i went with ::cough cough chamberlain cough cough:: but that's ok 'cause it was strapless and um... yea, no more strapless dresses for krissy. ever. especially my wedding gown.) and we will see how this beaded trim thing works out....i think it might actually help to acheve a more finished look. also, i think my next apartment will have lots of pillows in it, assuming i GET a next apartment 'cause of... grrr... anyways.

so yea, i got destracted coming in.

went to manray tonight with rekling i kinda like the goth scene... i should hang around it more. i just need to rember not to get immersed in it and i will be all good. but anyways, we had a good time, or atleast i did. but her post said she did. god, i need to dance more. i'm more energized and more tired at the same time. this is good. i'm sure as soon as i drag my lazy ass to bed i will sleep, but i have to manage that. and stop getting destracted by sewing machines and computers and stuff.

was going to say more, feel like craashing instead. night boyz and girlz.


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