Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

annies asked about school... and i explained it to her, and i liked my little kid explination, so i'm posting it!

sometimes late may they (the school) will send me a "you should be suspened letter 'cause you went below 12 credits this semester" and i will write a letter back saying "yea but i got B's or above in the remaining classes, and i'm willing to work hard, and i'm going to take a summer class so please let me stay" adn they will PROBABLY say "ok" or "ok for the summer and if you do well with the summer course (hist of photo) you can stay"

so yea.

and i wouldn't be in this position if my advisor had told me i could do a WP when i said "so i might be failing a class...." last semester. silly richard. well atleast i know now... but yea.. that's so unfair.

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