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ok... here's something of substance which isn't crazy and emotional, or poly-filled (i meant as in polyfill, as in pillows, but once i read that.... yea... hehe... DOOOM)

one of my pet pieves is when you are friends with people who don't like eachother, when they start bitching about your friend to you. this has happened alot in my life, and i think i am sick of it. now it's one thing if i start complaining about them, or some aspect of them, like, oh, mystical practices, and if i start in on it the topic is fair game. but for you to turn the conversation to "my, how much does this person suck. they know nothing about what they practice and they don't study and how could they have been so stupid to do that and oh, did i meantion how much they suck in this way and that way too" when i haven't, that's just not cool. and i'm not going to stand for it. now, if you feel the need to unload some real grievance about them to me, that's fine, i'll listen. but that's different than just making disparaging remarks. i'll listen to complaints of susbstance and facts. i will not listen to your bitch sessions about them. and dude... if i'm not chiming in, or i'm like thinking of living with the person, and i'm all quiet when your doing it, you should be perceptive enough to stop.

wow, that just got really specific. i appologize, but i'm going to leave it there. while it might seem that one instance spurred this grievance of mine, this is not the case. this has seriousely been one of my pet peeves for a long long time, there have just been some occurances lately that have been pissing me off more than usual.

note: the more that you do things that piss me off, the less likely i am to come around. as much as i feel like i don't have close friends lately, and you wish you were closer with me, you might want to evaluate why i haven't been getting closer to you, or why i may have actively been distancing myself. now this doesn't apply to everyone i haven't seen much of lately. i also admit i've been being kinda anti-social. but still... just think about it


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