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apparently it's my fault that the customer service rep at had never heard of opera, and, of course, that's why i couldn't book my ticket correctly. this was after asking what browser i used, "do you use internet explorer, aol" yea, those are the same things. "is opera your internet provider?" "no, it'sa browser, like IE" "IE?" "internet explorer." "can you switch to a better one?" "in my opinin this IS the better one" "what version of the browser are you using (probably for documenting something or other)?" "7.02" i almost said the Bork version, but i don't think she would have got it if i had tried to explain.

my god, i wonder what would have been her responce had i been using gallion in linux. i bet the imbicle doesn't even know what linux is. and it's not like she was a USAIR representative, she was a USAIR.COM representative. maybe they should know something about computers, and maybe my WAN through a home Cable modem shouldn't be faster than her connection to the websight she supposedly works for.

she then did a "one time only over the phone booking of the flight" and couldn't look up my frequent flyer number for me, since my frequent flyer card was in the laptop bag that got stolen.

maybe people should know something about the industry they supposedly work in. maybe i should call and complain. 'cause part of the reason i was having trouble is the flight i was initially trying to book went from 175 from when i pressed confirm to 456 when i was supposed to confirm credit card information. i obviousely did NOT confirm that. after that, i couldn't get the thing to let me do a confirm. AND when i was booking with her over the phone, she had me look on the screen and ask if the other lower cost flights would work better, and i said "well, except for the other airport being a little over an hour away from my parent's house, instead of 15 minutes, and the travel times being wrong, and those not being the flights i said i wanted to be on, why are you asking if i want to pay y'all LESS money? no, i want the flights i told you i wanted" bitch.


now to go pack for western mass, and pick up dan, and then pick up james, then get james's car, and then drop my car back off. YEA! fun. really.

bitch bitch bitch bitch the bitch is not going to be posting all weekend. probably. hopefully.

i tired. i shoudl have napped.


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