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so there was a pile of dishes in the sink as normal, but then one day they were vanished, and i was like "hey, beth finally learned how to wash dishes" so i'm packing them and i go to pick up a bowl and it's stuck to the shelf. ok, one bowl gets missed, that's fine. then i look at all my glasses, and my tea cups. i don't think one of them was clean enough to drink out of. this aggrivates me. sure, i've been procrastinating on packing, yes i'm moving less than i wanted to today. ok, fine. but, YOU DO NOT PUT AWAY DISHES THAT ARE NOT CLEAN. if you can visibally see grime on them, THEY AREN"T CLEAN ENOUGH. ok, now some people could say "kris, some of your glasses, as they are made of good clear class, are kinda hard to clean" and yes, i don't mind water spots. i mean, i rinse out stuff if i see waterspots 'cause sometimes what look like waterspots are soap residue. i admit, i'm not perfect when it comes to doing dishes. but sugar, waterspots DON'T have yellow or brown tints to them. that's just NOT right.


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