Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

pet peeve #1444 and #1445 or What else pisses krissy off

1444 - when you (you general, not you specific) bitch about how i never call, or say that we need to hang out more, or blah blah blah blah, yet you never call, or try and make plans, or whatever. if you expect me to put effort into a relationship, so should you.. bitch.

1445 - when i tell you (again, you general, not you specific, but rember, this might actually pertain to you specific) that i don't know, to call someone else, that i'm not in charge, and i really don't give a shit, don't keep on IMing ME about it just 'cause i happen to be the one online. fuckin pick up a phonebook, find the missing scrap of paper with their number on it, look up their e-mail (as we all have livejournals), or even post a not-related comment asking them. if i'm not cordinating/planning it, I DON'T CARE IF YOU CAN FIND IT OR NOT! IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM. unless I (specific) invite you. then it is my problem. if my boyfriend invites you, it's his problem, and no, they are not the same thing.

yes, people have been pissing me off lately.

and i also have a pet peeve 1446 i kinda want to post, but i really need to do more moving, and it will cause so much more of a problem than posting 1444 and 1445 so i'm not going to. so THERE.

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