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i was so upset when i thought my favorite army store had left the aresonal mall. i was WRONG! they just moved to a bigger location within the mall! thye rock. imported BDU's for 24, domestic for 33 (i don't know, don't ask) bandana's for 2, pritty shiny knives, and their clothes are sorted by SIZE, type, and then color/print, so i can FIND what i'm looking for in 2 minutes flat. i am kicking myself thought for realizing this 6 months later. grrr. ok, 4 months later. but i had a very productive day.

someone needs to take my plastics away from me, i bought pritty things, one of which i bought for myself but sorta is a surprise for someone else, the others being presents for people, and appropriate rappings.

and now, to clean up this apartment, before dave takes my head off... it's not so much i've been messy, as that there are boxes and bags of moved stuff everywhere.

by monday, when tami sees it, it will be all perfect. i swear.

also, to get this router up so not so many wires need to be running around everywhere for people to trip over...
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