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i am going to be late to csw's graduation (not that anyone there will read this) 'cause i woke up this morning, got up, felt like shit, went back to bed for 30 minutes, woke up, felt like more shit, and threw up. that bottle of rain was not agreeing with me last night. yes yes, i know some of the stuff in there is toxic. i think i need to stop drinking that stuff. i had. i hadn't had one in like, a week or two *crowd ghasps* and i think my body was yelling at me for putting stuff far worse than caffine in my body. i think i also had cherry coke earlier in the day yesterday too... like with dinner....


i want to just curl back up in bed. i reall shouldn't do that. hey, atleast i'm showered at this point. so why am i still here? 'cause i realy want the nausea to subside before trying to drive....
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