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so i just spent 10-15 minutes up in my sister's room with her and her friend kathryn. there were getting ready to go to price club. kim put on jeans, and abercrombie T, and her new tiffanies jewelry. kathryn commented on how hot my friend bobby was, (hes' also friends with kim, we walked into the house while kathryn was here. he then had to go have his 6th month anaversary with his girlfriend.) which he is. he's actually done modling. he's like, jock hot. but like, just being around them, i'm just like "i wish katie was here with me, or something, 'cause i think she would get a kick out of this"

and a whirlwind of 18 year old girls, some brown haired, some blond, most of it fake, just came in and out of my house. they are going shopping for beach week. and my mother is the one arranging them being at the beach house. sillyness.

so so different. but not, bad, or good, just... different
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