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death. death to my job. death to the F*cking database not working right

death to kids who don't come for the whole program

death to me when i have to explain this to the teachers

death to the files that aren't out that i have to enter into the infernal database (it's new official name)

death to data entry

death to the idea that I decided we should have done attendance that way last summer, it wasn't my idea, i thought it was stupid. i just did what i was told.

death to people at this fucking place that like to treat me like a student

death to the notion that microsoft has implamented in our heads that if something is wrong, all you need to do, is re-boot IT SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN BROKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE

death to the fact that i use so many windows-only programs

half-death to XP. it's better than the sh*t that came before it.

death to not having enough information for a kid to ENTER them in the database

death to the idea that i had to fly back early from virginia to come in to work today, and then my boss isn't even here, so i'm left wondering about things

death to a lack of organization

death to a lack of communication

death to the fact that james isn't here to bitch about all this too... he knows how much these things PISS ME OFF. i think y'all are getting the idea

death death death death death

oh, and death to kids and their parents who CAN'T MAKE UP THEIR F*CKING MINDS!!!!


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