Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

sorry, at work no clien, no spell check. and i'm in such a mood where everything will be misspelt

so my horoscope on my yahoo start pages seems to be incredibally accurate. i've known this for about, oh, two years now, but it never ceases to amaze me. esp my romace scope. at the top, there are little icons for romance, health, and buisness. they give little forcast-type icons, like today, my romance scope is sunny, my health scope is stormy (damned cute allergic to kittens) and my buisness scope is stormy (possibly due to the feeling like shit and not getting stuff done factor). the romance-scope tends to be accurate like, 102% of the time, the others, less so. the general horoscope is frighteningly accurate about 70% of the time, and generally accurate about 29% of the time. yesterday it told me to pay my bills and clean my room (which i needed to do). it's crazy.

the romance scope has been particularly accurate about my current involvment with the nameless person (ok, he has a name, but it's privalaged, but kinda easy to figure out if you know me). my monday one was esp. dead on, reffering to something that happend around 1 sunday night/monday morning (where technically the monday horroscope applies) i dunno. i just... think it's kinda cool. and odd that the YAHOO! horoscope, of all things, would be the one that's accurate.
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