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Credit Card Fraud and Paganism (not that one has anything to do with the other)

Yesterday i went to fill up gas at my favorite full serve gas station on the belmont/watertown line. i haven't been there as much lately as i don't drive down belmont street nearly as much. and though it would have gotten me home faster to drive down school instead of arlington, the little yellow "low gas" light and the actual TIME to stop BEFORE i'm running on fumes and killing my car made me go the 30 seconds out of my way to save 5 cents a gallon ($1.44 per gallon for regular, baby.) so after flirting with the gas station attendatn (silly armenians) i gave him my credit card, visa platinum (it's run off of my father's credit), and he's gone longer than normal, and he come back saying he tried it like twice, and it wouldn't go through (and trust me, i'm no where NEAR my limit) so... i just give him my debit card (there IS money in that account, for sure) and it goes through, and i promptly call my father being like "what the f*ck!?" he calls the credit card company first thing this morning (like he calls me about it on his way to work) and apparently they stopped transactions on the card after it had recieved a charge from an internet site for a bakery in lebanon. not lebanon new hampshire, but lebanon like where my great grandmother was born lebanon. $70. it apparently got credited back the next day, but still. then looking over my statements, my father saw a $2 donation to islamic relief. now, my mother goes over those things like a hawk. i'm surprised she didn't pick up on it. dad thinks that she assumed i must have done it, but a-i would have told her b-i would have told her and c-i probably would give more than $2 to any charity, esp if it were going on my parents credit card. (note to self, my parents are going to support WBUR (the local NPR station) next time a pledge drive comes around). so after talking with dad, he calls the credit card company back to cancle the card. apparently whomever it is has tried to buy $42 worth of books in canada. tried being the opperative word. the company said they would mail a new one to dad in a week to 10 days (i hope that wasn't buisness days) so i don't have a credit card for 2 weeks. i still have my debit cards but...
it's weird, 'cause ordering stuff from lebanon migh actually be somethign i would do... not BREAD. i can walk around the corner for THAT but... yea.

so i set up my alter yesterday, or started on it. it doesn't feel complete. it's also 3 feet long. i'll post a picture of it when i get a chance, or atleast after i have the stuff hung above it actually hung. it's cool, 'cause it's all red (my red sarong that has been torn is the alter cloth) and firy, where my room is all blue and airy. it was so cool realizing that last night. when i put up the blue roses i think i'll get red roses or something different for that wall. :-) i feel so much better since i've started getting that working.

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