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pet peeve #2 (yes, number two)

people who don't take responsibility for their actions. this includes stuff they do when drunk or stoned. it is your decision to get drunk or stoned, so anything you do as a result of that, is ultimately your decision, and you are responsible for those actions.

this especially pisses me off when people just use being drunk or stoned as an excuse, and knew perfectly well what they were doing at the time, and regret it later so it's an easy out.

there are a few exceptions to my "you are always responsible for what you do"
a- two young to know better. 4 year old finding a gun, thinking it's a toy since he owns toy guns that look like real ones and was never tought the difference, and killing his best friend, not responsable.
b- are deleriousely feverish.
c- are drugged against your will.
d- very occasionally, BWS (battered women's syndrom, and other related things) in extream cases.
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