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so asciikitty mentioned that i hadn't been posting lately. i… - The Mad Ramblings of Nchanter — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 21st, 2003|11:39 am]
so asciikitty mentioned that i hadn't been posting lately. i looked back, and while i have posted, i haven't, you know, posted anything of substance. maybe this is a good thing, means i am living.

this weekend... where do i begin?

Thursday, thursday was steve's22nd birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE. i didn't see him, or i think even talk to him, that day. 'cause i was going to go over to lisa's house for her bad film festaval, except that chloe was coming and didn't get here until 10 ish. but htat was ok, gwen was over and playing with fabric (hum, funny, she did that last night too...) so i wans't lonely. friday brought chloe to work, we then went grocery shopping, CLEANED THE APARTMENT (yes, there is a floor, bitches. and counters in the kitchen) and made dinner, and i fell asleep watching sex and the city. saturday we went to the fetish flea with steve and people and then saw "the leauge of extrodinary gentalmen" it was, it had some cool stuff in it. the movie itself wasn't all that impressive.
sunday took chloe to get the bus to NYC at riverside (so much preferable than south station) came home, slacked, cut fabric, went to dinner with steve and steve's dad, came home, gwen came over, cut fabric while watching The 5th Element. gwen was not actully using my sewing machine and steve was on his 'top then.

today, at work. this evening, the "date" what's sad is i just want to go home and cut fabric, but NOoooOooO. I have to go on a "date" with a boy i have had a crush on since february. oh poor poor me. ;-)

miss james, very much, as always. but i'm managing to have fun without him. getting use to him not being around... by which i mean, learning how to be functional without him around.

and somewhere along the lines being discreet got blown out the window. oh well.

i just want to be home cutting fabric. IS THAT SO WRONG?????

thought not.


From: skweaktoi
2003-07-21 09:48 am (UTC)
acsiikitty listed me as a friend, and i don't know who she is. then you are friends with her. that's all mind boggling.
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