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my official age range has been moved from 18-25 to 19-26. 26 isn't too old for me. as long as they aren't as old as my brother, right?

wait, how old IS my brother?

yes, i DO have a brother. no, i'm not surprised you didn't know. my therapist didn't know until recently.

and yes i realize that i should keep it at 18 and just move the 25 part. but seriousely, i don't like dating younger people anyways. i can' think of anyone i've ever *whatevered* that is 18.... ok i can think of one. the 19-26 still stands. and YES if some incredibally hot incredibally STABLE 18 year old goth girl were to come along, i wouldn't turn her away. but it's good to have these rules down, or next thing you know i'll be on the rocks overlooking water with a 32 year old and in WAY over my head (and thankgodfully nothing icky happened.)

bet you didn't know about that one either. that's ok, i don't like to talk about that one. yes, i like talking about richter and the rape attempt more than i like talking about that one. LEAVE ME ALONE! let me keep with my nerosis's.

did i mention i just talked to james? hmmm... didn't mention the 26 year old. well, i don't know what's up with that, so i don't need to tell him yet... right? it might be nothing that i actually have to tell him. i don't actually have to tell him yet. hopefully though, i will

ramble ramble ramble.


i SO get like this when i've just talked to him. all hyper and bouncy and shit.

siren called me a slut last night. but she didn't mean it in a bad way. she said i wouldn't be me if i weren't. she meant it as a compliment (note, siren would call a boy a slut too). but i pointed out to both her and butterfly that possibly in as soon as six months i won't beable to do this anymore. no, not by force, by CHOICE.

and it's not like i'm getting that much sex while he's gone. boy has been more compainionship than actual sex.... though there IS some of that... *sigh* but yea. i dunno.

i'm gonna stop now.


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