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OK, officially party information

Friday, August 15th. 8pm till approximately 1am at my apartment. People are welcome to crash, but must be out by 1pm the next day. my apartment is accessable from public transit, and there is also plenty of street parking (maybe not on my block, but definately right in the area.)

other things:

i am provideing a two cases of soda (and when i say cases, i mean cases), a case of girly drinks, half a case of beer, (not that many people i know like beer) and they'll be juice and also some hard alcohol around. and of course, some wine.

i'll also be provideing corn chips and salsa, but like, more nacho-y. there will be lettus and cheese and other taco like fixings, just with chips.

i'd love it if other people could bring snack food. either cheese and crackers, fruits, chips, cookies, etc.

so please RSVP, and RSVP with what you will be bringing.

contact info and directions are in my memories section. if you aren't listed as a friend and therefore can't see it, don't think it means you aren't invited, just e-mail me and i'll give you directions that way, i just don't need my cell and adress posted publically on the internet, or detailed descriptions how to get here via public transit. i'm pritty public with my life, yes, but i'm not stupid.

any questions? feel free to ask.

i really would love to have a bunch of you here. all are welcome. no one is banned from this party, but i will warn with this disclaimer, if i see any psychodrama, i have no hesistations about kicking you out.



if you want to bring someone/someones i don't know, ask me first, it will probably be ok. i'd like to stear clear of under 18-ers that i don't know being there, just for liability sake.
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