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so just talked with my landlord. even though he said ok to the party (tomorrow's party) when i asked if i could have one, now he's less than thrilled about it.

so- just so everyone knows

a- shoes off in the apartment
b- no music after 11
c- better not be too loud in general
d- i would REALLY love it if people DIDN'T stay over. yes i said you could. but if you could just make your way back home, that would be better. PLEASE talk to me about it!! i told him i already told some people they could stay over, but the fewer, the better. that and your not allowed to shower in the morning if you do stay over, water is expensive in watertown.

oh, and if not staying over means you have to leave at like 11, so be it. check out for transportation details.


e- if you don't talk to me about staying over i'm assuming that your not.
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