Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

The Party

The party was a blast. there were, at one point definately over 25 people. it was cool. i was kinda tired, had been dehydrated all day so i didn't drink any ($90 on alkohol and i haven't touched any of it yet...) the only problem was this kid cane, who kirsten invited. he got wicked drunk, wouldn't stop, wouldn't shut up, and then wanted to drive himself home while piss drunk. we didn't let it happen. it almost was a huge problem but the minute i said i was going to call the cops he co-operated in having chris drive him home. annie and chris are my hero's. brian was pritty helpful too. :-)

so yea, party was good. good to see so many people having fun. wish i had gotten to spend more time with everyone. and my world got smaller again. much much smaller.

dave gets back from South Carolyna tomorrow.

more that i wanted to say, don't know exactly to write.

james needs to call me so i know what the fuck is up with tuesday (when i go see him)

ok, nite all.
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