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Kris's New Car Rules

1- you do not bring ANY sort of food into my car without permission first.

2- do not bring ANY sort of beverage into my car without permission firts. (except water. water doesn't attract fire ants)

3- If you spill anything you must clean it ALL the way up, and if you can't do that, you can pay for it to get professionally cleaned

4- you may NOT leave any sort of trash in my car. ever.

5- please, if you are smoking, make sure to ash, and throw your cigarette butts outside of the car, otherwise, Kris has NO problem making her car a non-smoking car, as she doesn't smoke anymore.

6- violation of any of these rules is punishable by denial of servive at any time, including mid-transit along major interstates, and especially, for comedic value, at IHOP.

7- these rules (and possibly others) shall be posted somewhere in my car starting in september.
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