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[Aug. 28th, 2003|05:30 pm]
[emotional state |rushedrushed]

i get home (parent's home) with just enough time to check my e-mail (and not much of my friends page) and off into the internet-less abyss i go again. we're going to get dinner, then dad and i start driving up, spend the night with his sister outside of philly, and then get up early to go towards boston again. hopefully it means we get to boston before rush hour, in which case i WILL go to manray tomorrow. i think. i dunno.

gah. too rushed too rushed. and then tuesday i need to start looking for a job (and maybe look into schooling options for the spring, maybe by then i'll be ready.)


[User Picture]From: cos
2003-08-28 11:41 pm (UTC)
Happy roadtripping! While you were gone, I moved - mostly successfully (still need wiring done, the first electricians were incompetent :/). Come see this place now that it's full of stuff! :)
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