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i should write stuff...

picked up mink on sat. went to her house. came back here, went into the square, found parking in like, 10 minutes (yea little tricks that james tought me) at nine something on a saturday, and a nice september saturday. i rock. got eat drink man woman at Newbury Comics, and TWO beautiful gothy dresses at Hootanany's on sale, one short and shoulderless, with things that lace, and one long and velvity, with zippers. then we ate at 'noche's. went to rocky, didn't COMPELTELY suck, saw some awesome people, went to denny's party with the mink, was, ok, not my cup o tea but didn't suck. on the way there got pulled over pushing 80 in concord on rt 2. i KNOW better. didn't even take the license and reg back to the cop car, told me not to go so fast. got to sleep at 6:30 in minks dorm in worcester. she has to drive part of the way back to worcester 'cause i was just too damned tired. drifting too much. that happens at 6am.

sunday. woke up. reluctantly got out of bed (but there was a MINK there...) drove to cambridge/somerville to meet up with darxus and go to a party. which was fun. saw some wonderful people i don't get to see enough, met some other new people, was there from like, 2:30 or 3 until like, 8:30, was having fun and great conversations. and there was LAMB. *grin* anyone who knows me, knows how i like lamb. and for a while darxus was talking with lauri, who is an "other" of brian's and that was just SILLY. i was just like *gah crazyness* and yea. then darxus and i came back here, once i GOT to sleep (we're on completely different sleep cycles, he goes to bed at 10, i go to bed at 2, so we went to bed at 12) i slept like a rock, barely rember him leaving in the AM.

so that's the short version of my weekend. i don't really feel like writing out the long version. i had fun. lots of it. i think that's the important part.

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