Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

so i was conversing with destrado about dorms and singles and doubles and such and it reminded me that i have this inherant fear that i REALLY didn't graduate high school and that one day alorie is going to call me and i'm going to have to suffor through one more mod of something excruciating like a bill shermer class (which i never actually had to do, he's a bio teacher, and apartently, a boring one) and i end up DREAMING such. it kinda sucks.

there are seriousely days that i think i'm dreaming and that i'm going to wake up screaming in room 4 of the barn (the single i had for two years with the doorway that opened up to the entryway to the common room) realizing that i'm never going to get out. and then i think "now honestly, would that really be so bad?" 'cause i was actually happy in high school and at CSW, where most of my friends HATED high school.
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