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i'm 5'9", 130 lbs, and i wear a large. what do real women wear? seriousely.

NOTE: this is a reply to something in one of my friends journals. this is exactly how i posted it in her comments (the italicised part is the part i was responding to) and i kinda got rant-y. and i decided to repost it. just cut and paste. enjoy.


I did manage to buy 4 posters (since none of the shirts they were selling would have fit me)

see, i find that interesting. for a long time i was happy with the normal band t-shirts, coming in medium, large, xl, and sometimes xxl that were for sale at the concerts i went to, and then i became ok with my body and was dissatisfied with the fact that they didn't have tight girly-t or strappy tanks 'cause i decided to STOP hiding my body (it also helped that i did put on weight and grew t*ts and didn't look like a twig anymore) and then they started carrying them, but in limited quantaties, 'cause not that many chicks go to the shows i go to (mostly metal and industrial) and the majority of the T-Shirts were still made for the big burly men that kept me OUT of the pit at hardcore shows. but lately i have noticed a trend to have more small cute girly shirts (now what shirts are the boys who typically like this music going to LOOK at more, a tight t with the logo of the band stretched tightly across a pair of tits or one on the back of a 250lb 6 foot scary hardcore kid. yea marketing strategys based on SEX), but atleast at the shows i go to, a wide variety of sizes still seem to be availible. actually, it surprises me a little that people merchendising an ani show wouldn't make sure to have t-shirts availible for ALL her fans, not just the cute little size 5's. i mean, had this been a back street boys concert or something, i guess it wouldn't have surprised me.

i've made far far to much out of that haven't i?

i guess it's 'cause i HATE the clothing industry. i think it's REDICULOUSE. i have been blessed with, what alot of people call an "ideal" sorta body. i'm 5'9" never broken 140 on the scale (and when i'm active i eat like a horse, it's just high matabalism) i'm curved, and even I have trouble finding clothes that fit me. i'm an 8 or 10 in bottoms (like i said, i'm curved) and sometimes a small in tops (33" rib cage) and i go in and try on dresses at hot topic or the like and i'm a LARGE. i'm like "who fits INTO this stuff" esp when i can't get some large tops to zip closed on me right, or at all. then i rember my little sister, who's cute and blond and 5'2" and 100lbs and works at abercrombie kids partially 'cause their stuff fits her better than actual abercrombie and i'm like "oh yea, right. this stuff is made for her. not that she'd ever wear it." i have a mother who's a size 18-20. she's put on a bit of weight in the past few years, but she's never been a small woman. i know that i'll probably end up over 140 lbs some day, and i'm just like "how will i beable to find clothes when at 130 i fit into a LARGE"

i know, i'm preaching to the choir, i'll REALLY stop this rant now (i'm totally cutting and pasting this into my journal) but yea... gah... just needed to get that out.

no, one more thing. i don't GET this obssesion with being like a stick either. i like my women to have CURVES. i want there to be something for me to grab (like an ass, or a pair of tits) when i'm in bed with her (ok, it's been a while since i've had a girl... i can still wish) other than air and bones. i have so many friends who way less than i do who DIET and i'm like WHY??? *gah*


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