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- shana is here. yea shana.

- it looks like ari can't move in, so i'm back to square one of not having a roommate

- i spent 4 days in a row with james, and they were wonderful. yea james.

- i spent all sunday with darxus. yea darxus.

- did i mention i still need a roommate? did i mention my current roommate has stated they can't pay december rent? yea. suck.

- steve will be back in boston in two weeks. :-)

- still am jobless. still not nearly as concerned over this as i should be

- i spent 200 less in october than i had in any previouse month. good to know that if i am ever really forced to, i still know how to budget

- i think i'm going to NYC for next weekend/early next week. those plans are still in the works.
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