Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

my desk (at work)

so... i am encouraged to bring in things to make my desk
more my own at work, like a plant (ha!) or pictures. now i
don't want to leave anyone out, like just have a picture of
opeth and i on my desktop. there is a really
cool picture of darxus, water_child and
i up on darxus's website. i really want that on
my desk at work. and, of course, a picture of opeth. and then probably one of xxv and
minkrose (either togeather or seperate...
doesn't really matter). but then if people ask me who
these people are, how do i explain, well, this is boyfriend
a- then this is boyfriend b and his other girlfriend, and
then this is boyfriend c and HIS other girlfriend. i
mean... i guess i could just give names, (this is steve
and mink) and all of these are close friends of mine. i
dunno.... hmmm i'm going to x-post this in polyamory and see what other people do...
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