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my ex-girlfriend (erykaa) is online right now. haven't tlaked with her in AGES. she's like, the one that wasn't all fucked up and stuff. been thinking a lot about her lately as discussions on my issues with women have been coming up (with darxus) lately. it's nice to think about her and be like "dude, we lived in the dorm togeather, messed aroudn for a while, were kinda emotionally attatched, and like, didn't kill eachother later. maybe i CAN become involved with a girl again at somepoint..."

i'm all groggy. i just, got very drained today, but was such a good thing :-)

dave moved out. need a roomie in a very bad way.

first time i've been by myself in a week and a half. i needed it. down time. need to clean later tonight/tomorrow.

*kisses* to everyone i love



erykaa asked me if i was happy, and i thought about it, and i was like "besides the roommate stuff being up in the air and the occasional fight with james, yes. delirousely." and that made me smile. :-)
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