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most annoying thing in the world--i didn't check my e-mail before falling asleep last night (i was playing a computer game from like 2:15 till 3 am or so before going to bed, and i didn't check it after i turned the game off) and this morning i got an e-mail time stamped from during when i was playing the game saying i could have not slept by myself last night. and i'm sure darxus sent me an e-mail instead of calling assuming i would be asleep, which was nice of him. i almost ALWAYS check my e-mail right before going to bed (esp when i don't have anyone staying over) well i would go over there NOW except i really should work on cleaning my apartment and getting it back in some sort of order. but *grrrrrr* reminder to self: never change my compulsion about checking my e-mail, when i change it, i end up regretting it.
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