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i came home from work early yesterday 'cause i was sick. was running a temp. was going to try and go into work today, but i really just wasn't feeling up to it, not running a temp yet but i usually don't before noon when i'm sick (this poroved true with mono too, so i know what i'm talking about) when i got home from work early (before noon, i just wasn't making it) james had just woken up and he went to the store and bought soup and made it for me and took care of me until he had to go home for family dinner. (he was cooking it that night, or atleast starting it for his dad) apparently both his father and anita (their neighboor, really liberal, really fun) asked where i was, but he just told them i was running a temp. even if i had been feeling well, i was supposed to spend tuesday night at darxus's place. well he came over here, but had to go home first to get stuff, so it was 8 before he got here, which is why we didn't go to bed until 11, 'cause i wanted to spend SOME time conciouse with him before sleeping. that, and star trek, the next gen, was on. :-) darxus also took care of me, made me pasta at like 10 when i said "you know, i probably should EAT something other than soup today. it's good to know that the boy can boil water, but he made me melt my own butter on the penne (ok, ok, he would have done it for me if i had asked. i hated asking both him and james to do such simple tasks for me as getting me more water, or tylonol (my pill of choice for when i have fevers since the whole "you can't take advil thing") but i really wasn't up to, oh, STANDING or WALKING) james and i were supposed to go to manray tonight, barring disaster or death. i don't think i'll feel up to it (this falls somewhere in between) 'cause i really need to go to work tomorrow. taking off a day and a half after working there a WEEK is, like, not good, but trust me, i didn't have much other choice. i'm kinda surprised i drove home, as james can attest to, i was really in nothing resembling good shape when i got here.

yea, so that's it for right now. just thought y'all would care to know.


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