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to go to a party in VA tonight with dariusk or to not go... on one hand, something to do, on the other, lots of silly VA people i don't know, possibly some i do (like he said justjessi should be there... interesting, i use to have the BIGGEST crush on her...) but i don't think i'd drive myself there, i dont' know WHERE in NOVA it is, if Darious drives, then i can't just go home whenever i want... and did i mention this party is outside? ok, it's NOVA, it's not COLD or anything. and it sounds like a happy-type party. i dunno. Darious should be back online in like, 20 minutes, i need to know by then... maybe i'll flip a coin. or maybe i'll keep in this peacful mood i've somehow found, yes, while i'm at my parents house, weird, i know, and just stay here.

***added at 7:05***

ok, i'm going. we're leaving there like 10 ish, so i should be home like 10:30

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