Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

ok kids, here's the deal.

koko FINALLY told me what he's going to put in writing for me. i will be allowed to stay here for february and march paying $650 a month. if i have not found a roommate, i need to be out march 31. if i end up movinge out, he will keep my security deposit. this is reasonable enough.

so what do i do? i like the apartment, yes. it's beautiful. but i'm at the point where i want to set up house all over again. and if i do just move out, do i move into a new roommate situation, or try and talk mom and dad into splitting rent with me on a studio or one bedroom? i'd like to stay in watertown. there is good public transit, and it's half way in between the city/my friends and work (which is newton center)

i don't really feel like moving to newton, but the idea did cross my mind for like, 30 seconds

so yea, any thoughts and imput would be lovely.

the idea of living by myself. nifty and scary all at the same time...
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