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i just did 3 loads of laundry, 1 of sheets and towels, and 2 of other clothes (ok, one of those was mostly socks and underwear). and yes, there is JUST as many clothes on the floor as there were earlier. i own too much crap. HOWEVER it felt really good to do laundry, and i think i might be a dork and do another couple loads again tonight (as i have no other plans) and the idea of haveing most of my clothes be really clean sounds LOVELY. that and i think i had more un-paired socks than paried socks, and i would like to TRY and rectify that. but i need to stop by the bank and get quarters 'cause my favorite little laundry matt in belmont (yes, i drive to belmont to do laundry, i'm weird, but it's also only a 3 minute drive. and a very clean laundry matt in a rediculousely safe area) just upped the price on their washers (from $1.50 to $2, per load, but the driers are still $.25 for 6 minutes) and i'm out of quarters, even after i stole $7 worth from various corners in darxus's apartment (i left him cash, i'm not a complete bitch. and the piles of coins hadn't moved in a while...)

it's going to be nice to be living with laundry facilities in my basement. especially 'cause my favorite little laundry mat in belmont doesn't have accessable extra power outlets around, or any open wireless networks in reach, so... yea. it gets boring 'cause all the games on my laptop DRAIN battery power.

ok.. i'm gonna go shower, eat, and then go off to work.


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