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"this is SOOOO Much better than roses or chocolates..."

darxus is the best boyfriend ever. I get up this morning and their is a box in the pocket of the jeans i wore over to his place last night. i'm like "ummm... i don't rember putting anything in there..." and i pull it out. My boyfriend bought me a leatherman. not just any leatherman, a PURPLE leatherman. a Juice XE6. It has the most features of any of the juices, and is comperable to the wave, except the blades don't lock, and you do need two hands to open it. BUT it has a corkscrew. and, oh did i mention it's PURPLE!!!! oh, if you click here you can see it (and all the other shiny leathermen)


as i was dropping him off at the T this morning (i was awake when he woke up, so i decided i might as well get up rather than not beable to fall back asleep, and i offered to drive him to ailwife (it's on my way back home) rather than make him wait in the cold for the bus) i said "you know, this is sooo much better than roses or chocolates" i love getting presents just 'cause...

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