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yesterday was a long day, not nessisarily a bad day, just a long day.

i woke up in darxus's arms not haveing rembered him actually comeing to bed (at his place) the night before, because he was up playing eve. (see his LJ for details) at around, oh 7:30. decided to get up with him, and drive him to ailwife on my way home (quicker for him, barely out of my way) got home, checked e-mail, showered, got bagel at dunkin donuts, (the one closer to watertown square on mt auburn st in watertown spreads the cream cheese for you... i think it costs like 5 cents extra, but it's worth it) walked into work about 7 minutes late. we had a not-so-buisy-but-definately-not-slow morning, where we didn't have any 12:30 appointments (which is REALLY odd) so i got to leave for lunch a few minutes early (instead of 10 minutes late, like normal) had to go back home to grab my check book and a few other things, so i decided to grab take-out from demos (lamb kabob over greek salad and pita bread, $5.25 including tax) and do the eat while checking livejournal and grabbing stuff thing. well my parents called and had arrived in boston early, and wanted to know where i had taken mom for lunch last time she was up here (Not your average joes, watertown square) and how to get there. told them, picked up food, drove home. as i turn onto my street i see there is a clusterfuck of cars, and a tow truck, and like, construction vans. tow truck is trying to tow a van off, of... god this was so stupid... so there is a parking lot belonging to an auto parts place two houses down from mine. and there is a metal chain link fense aroud it, but there use to be a different fense, with different poles, and instead of removing the old poles from the corners of the lot, they CUT them so about a foot is still sticking out of the ground, and there are big orange traffic cones on top, so no one is stupid enough to drive over them and get their bumper stuck around the pole. or so they thought. this white van, probably belonging to a cable company (i can't rember) is stuck like so. apparently, the orange cones weren't BRIGHT enough (trust me, they are) and so this tow truck is trying to lift the front end up. that and about half the street is parked up, and the tow truck is positioned such that a car can just BARELY squeeze by. so fine, i see this, and see that it's mostly clear for me to go (there is another white van on the other side, but he's moveing really slowly, and he's far enough back that i could just turn into my driveway and park there since the street is parked up anyways.) so i go through. and just as i'm getting ready to turn into my driveway, i notice that sarah's black convertable (sarah lives above me) is blocking the ENTIRE driveway. our driveway, when utilized propperly, fits 5 cars. i didn't notice this earlier, 'cause the tow truck was blocking the view, but i had noticed the cars of the other two people liveing above me on the street, so it was a pritty safe assumption that there would have been room for me to park there. by this point the van comeing towards me decided it was a good idea to be stareing down my nose, and gives me this look and motions for me to back up. i give him a "are you fucking crazy" look back. i just barely made it past the tow truck without doing any damage going forward, and i'm good, but i'm not THAT good, to do it backwards. so i try and motion what happened, and he's just stareing me down, motioning for me to back up. i motion for him to back up. he shakes his head no. i stare at him, throw my hands up in the air, and then cross them and lean back. (note, there are three guys sitting in the back of a pickup truck eating lunch just across from the entrance to my driveway watching the whole thing) i prepair to sit there for a while. i'm clear enough of the tow truck that it could back up and get out if i decided to jsut park my car there. i was really about to do it when the white van budged, and backed up, allowing me to pull to the side of him, and let him and the two cars behind him through. however, it took him about 5 miuntes to get by the tow truck 'cause the asshat doesn't know how to drive. so i go inside, eat my lunch, get into a fight with a very close friend online, and go back to work. so work, i look at the schedule, decided we are just not buissy enough that i can wait to do billing until later in the afternoon to try and include some of those patients in this weeks batch of claims, so i finish typing a report, do some other stuff, when at about 3:30 or 4, people start calling to try and get in between 4:30 and 5:30. we close at 6 on fridays, and oh, my boss is going on his honeymoon so we won't be seeing patients for the next week and a half. so everyone is trying to rush in. so at 5, this awesome lesbian couple, who are friends with my boss, walks in, and i look at the books and i'm like "yea, i didn't think they scheduled an appointment..." but then one of our 5:15's cancle and i decide that i CAN fit them in (i mean, i panicked) and i've JUST started billing because i was handling the sudden rush of patients. i'm like "yea, not getting out at 6" call my parents, tell them so. last patient leaves at 6:15, i still need to get adjusted, badly, finish up some paperwork, get adjusted, change the answering machine message 'cause my boss is haveing trouble getting the wording right, try and put things in order so i know what i'm doing when i come in on monday, and it's 7:30. fine. go out to the wallgreens parking lot which my boss has been alowed to park in for 13 years (litterally) instead of haveing to try and deal with parking for long periods of time in newton center, and low and behold the parking lot is virtually empty. they towed. they towed OUR cars. even though he's had agreements with the management for 13 years. i call my parents, tell them i'm going to be later, he calls his wife, so she can come pick us up and we go in to the walgreens, only the assistant manager is there, and HE knew not to tow us, but aparently this didn't get relayed to the towing company, and they have a NEW manager... and yea. so we wait for my boss's wife, and we wait... 30 minutes, she left her cell at home, we decide to walk around newton center looking for her car. she was in the wrong place ot pick us up. it's like, 8-something at this point. get our cars out of the towing place on rt 9, (boss paid for mine to get out, i mean, hell, he's the one that said i could park there. oh, and the towers only took cash.) and then i go and meet my parents in waltham for thai food, we get there at 8:45. came home, lit my alter, 'cause i'd had a migraine since like, 2, and crashed.

now my parents are comeing over, and we're cleaning and packing. but, my god, i just had to record what happened yesterday.

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