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once upon a time, in a land far far away there was a jaguar. yes, there are jaguars in lands far far away, but no cheetas. anyways one day this jaguar realized that she was the only jaguar in her jungle. she went searching and searching, and she found tigers and lions and lepards and cougars, but never any other jaguars. and as much as she liked the cougars and lepards, she never felt quite right in a lion pride, so after a while she would move on. and just as she was resigning herself to her fate, to be alone, she found another group of large cats, that she had never seen before. she didn't know what they were, but hell, what was the harm in one last try? and she decided to stick around, and she found that she LIKED this group, and she never really asked what they were, because, you know, she was the only jaguar, and she didn't want to spoil the fun. and then one day, when really thirsty, she went with one of the other cats to the watering hole, and looked at the clear surface, and really looked at herself for the first time in a very long time. and she really looked. and then she looked at the reflection next to hers, and realized that it was very similar. "your a jaguar, aren't you?" she said to the other, and he looked stunned at the question "well yea, i thought you knew that i was like you." the jaguar thought about it for a minute and finally said "yea, i think i did, but didn't let myself realize it, for fear that you would dissapear in a cloud of smoke" he companion laughed, and then smiled and drank from the pool. and the jaguar finally realized that she was home, and let herself drink as well.
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