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went to the new apartment yesterday and got the keys. kitchen is bigger than i rembered (yea) living room and bedroom slightly smaller than i rembered, but definately still of ample size. brought a package of toilet paper, an un-opened box of silverwear, and some plates i never unpacked over there. it was a little creepy, kinda depressing. it will be better when i get my stuff there. the three tennants i ran into were a normal girl about my age, a normal guy slightly older, and an elderly gentalman getting out of his 80's buick/olds/whatever. he was the only one to make eye contact with me (purple hair, was still in the purple fishnet shirt from yesterday) and he said hi too. i was on my way out, so i only said hi. but yea.

so i'm haveing some doubts about where i chose to live, but i'm sure once my stuff is there, i'll feel better.
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