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tomorrow i'll be too buissy being back at work, but tomorrow is my LJ… - The Mad Ramblings of Nchanter — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 2nd, 2004|12:50 pm]
[emotional state |hyperhyper]

tomorrow i'll be too buissy being back at work, but tomorrow is my LJ anniversery.

Date created: 2001-03-03 13:40:59. moneypenny set me up with an account, before there were invite codes. crazyness.

you can find my first entry here. both kukester and revfilthy used livejournals back then. i don't think i've seen milt on livejournal SINCE that comment.

3 years of my life on livejournal. i didn't think i was going to USE this thing. i guess i was wrong :-)

[User Picture]From: perkyfreak29
2004-03-02 09:54 am (UTC)
I'd say you were wrong ;)
I'm glad you do though hon, it makes me feel closer to my baby since I haven't seen you in eons.
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[User Picture]From: asciikitty
2004-03-02 11:42 am (UTC)
dude.. i got one around now too, three years ago.

time is FLYING. woah.
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[User Picture]From: cos
2004-03-02 11:43 pm (UTC)

first post

This week was the fourth anniversary of my first post, though I only got LJ so I could have the username in case I wanted to use it later, and didn't really start using it until other people did. I thought I only got the account so I could read other people's posts. I guess I was wrong :)
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[User Picture]From: wench33
2004-03-03 01:19 pm (UTC)

Hey sweets

I can't seem to find the e-mail you sent me, would you re-send it ??


Kate the wicked
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