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about a third of my kitchen stuff and half of my living room is unpacked. actually most of my living room is unpacked, there are just other boxes in the living room. my bedroom, well, the bed is made and lamps are in here. so are some of my clothes, but my room needs alot more work. there are still a few things (my hanging clothes, my hooks, some food, crap from my room, and artwork on the walls) at the old place, but i'll have it all out of there by next weekend. there is a sleeping boy in my bed, what more could i want? oh yea, my wireless is up again. yea. life is good.

much thanks to asciikitty and darxus for all their help unpacking yesterday.

and if anyone wants to stop by, i plan on being here most of the day working on stuff. so yea, just drop me a line.

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