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so i have like 20 loads of laundry to do, and so i'm sorting laundry in my living room, and darxus is on the couch. i'm explaining to him that i reall only have two piles, warm dark and cold dark. he asked if i put shades of gray into the cold dark pile and i said "well, it depends..." and gave him a *what the fuck are you talking about look, and went back to sorting. and i pull out a red shirt and say "well, i think this goes into warm" and he's like "what on earth would make it not go into warm" and i respond, "the tag. see, it says "machine wash cold" on it." and darxus just looks at me. i'm thinking "what is so hard about this concept" and he then says something to the effect of "OH! you mean temperature" and it takes me a second, and then i realize he thought i was sorting by COLOR. like red, orange, and yellow, into one pile, and green blue and purple into another. i just started cracking up. and i went over, gave him a kiss, then found my laptop before i forgot to post this.

yea. silly boys.


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