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Poly Socials

I shall be at the diesl (sp? my brain is dead right now) tomorrow. this is 'cause i have a day off tomorrow 'cause my boss is moveing. i'm spending the morning helping asciikitty with her moveing and painting stuff, and then i'm going to meet rosif3r at the diesl for pool and yea, that's around the time of the social, but before most of you kids get there, but i plan on still being there when y'all show up, so :-)

i spent most of this past weekend covered in primer to try and mask the sh*t job nazier did. the color is still showing through after two coats, but it is now in a place where someone else, like the next tennants, can actually paint over it and the orange/red WON'T actually show through. i really wish i had before and after pictures... but yea, speding that much time painting was actually fun. i miss doing stuff (other than typeing/writing) with my hands.

i have more to write, but i have to like, work. just wanted to get that all out there.


PS. Pier 1 is haveing a Candle Sale so yea... i just spent far too much money (though less than my federal tax return!) on candles. y'all should do the same.
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