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i got about three inches (wet) cut off. sometimes i forget how much more significant three inches when cut wet becomes when it dries (curls) it's still below my shoulder, but it's curling tighter-more like darxus's hair. we have a "treatment plan" in place for my hair, which includes cutting out most of this purple and putting in (purple) streaks by the end of summer. she's also the only hairdressor who i've actually gotten to go near my bangs since they snapped off a few years ago (oh sh*t. that's right. there IS such a thing as too much bleach) she was a little...ditzy, but nice, and really knew what she was talking about (i don't LOOK like someone who grew up in a salon, but i did. between waxings, hair trims, my mother getting hers cut every 3 weeks, and my mother getting her nails done every 10 days... yea...) which was good. gave me leave-in-over-night deep conditioning stuff, and the price was reasonable ($18 for the cut, $12 for the conditioning treatment 20 min under the dryer that she did while i was in there, and then $14 for the stuff. $5 tip) she's willing to take a look at the dye i use and possibly put the color in herself, after she does the streaks. i'm going in for a slight trim in 4 weeks. so my hair might be getting slightly shorter for a while, but yea, in the long run, it will be good. paying people to bleach my hair correctly, i think, is worth it. as is, oh, getting it trimmed more than twice in the past two years :-)

ok, off to work i go :-)

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