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ok, so maybe it's not a coherent post, but it has some substance.

i got paid for 11 hours today.

11xmy hourly rate before taxes= not a bad amount of money
11xmy hourly rate after taxes= still more money than i would have had had i worked the ususal 4.5 hours today.

goddess, am i tired! but i'm still going over to hang out with skryptic, like, once i finish my mac and cheese.

there is no longer stuff leaking from my bathroom cealing, and they even cleaned up the cealing so it doens't look hidious.

i have so many bills to pay this weekend, when i get a minute to sit down with my checkbook.

i'm going to be in philly for memorial day weekend, have i mentioned that? no? well, i am. that should be nothing if not interesting.

no, your not pregnant. stop fretting (no, oddly enough, this is not directed at one person)

/me goes off and plays with the darkness now. wheeee.....

P.S. I need to re-new my paid memeber status. i let it lapse :-/
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