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I pick Darxus up from the airport at 1:30 today. when we get back, my mother's uncles (well, two of them anyways) will be here. I feel like i'm throwing him to the wolvs. If he still wants to be with me this time next week, that will rock. if he doesn't, ill kill him.

Tonight, from 6-8 there will be a viewing in northern va, at some place at the corner of backlick and braddock. there will be food and stuff at my parents house right afterwards.

Saturday we drive to New Kenn.

Sunday night from 7-9 there will be a viewing, at the place that we used for my great aunt about 2 years ago.

Monday we'll be at the funeral home around 11. There will be stuff, then a procession to The Church* for a service, then to the cemetary where he will be burried in the family plot. The family plot actually belongs to my mother's side of the family. Then there will be food somewhere, for people, possibly at the country club.

Darxus has a 10:25 flight out of pitt.

This hasn't hit me yet. Goddess, these next few days are going to suck. If anyone gives me crap for wearing my pentacle through this, i'll deck them. I really could have used my alter last night. i might have actually slept. I hate sleeping alone. This is such a shitty time for sleeping alone.

My aunt, my father's sister, has apprently been playing phone tag with my (half) brother. yes, i have a half brother. most of you who know this (and probably forgot) know this 'cause of the irony that Darxus and my brother are about the same age, and have the same name. But yea, i think i'd like to talk to him. to yell at him. I've been meaning to try and call him for about the past 6 months to yell at him to talk to our father. I kinda feel bad that i never did.

Ok, i need to run to the store now. and help mom. and, like, not collapse before Darxus gets here. I really don't know if anyone else around here would beable to handle me right now. Hell, i'm not sure he's going to beable to either, but i really appreciate that he's going to try.


* when i say The Church i mean the church that my greatgrandfather helped build, and was an Arch Priest in for many many years. the family chuch.

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