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Brian, Driving, A Gathering on Sunday.

seeing chamberlain last night was good. he still knows me. he knows when i'm putting up a front, and like, told me to cut it out once, or something along those lines. "no, kris, really, how are you?" he was a little late (i figured he would be) but reminded me that he has NEVER ditched me, so i was worried for nothing. i reminded him how much i hated other people seeing me wate for other people for like, 20 minutes. but yea, once he was there, it was good. and we talked for 2 hours. at some point we realized we should have ordered, i got some chicken pasta thing, which didn't agree with my stomach. i don't think it was the fault so much of the food, as of my body being stupid. and the air around here doesn't help. it's heavy and muggy, i feelt like i was swimming for a while last night, but that's just how the air around DC and NoVa is.

I didn't go streight home. i went driving. Listend to Lacuna Coil (Comelies) and drove my father's car on fun back roads. i didn't speed too much, i was good but i went on Popes Head and Clifton and Colchester. I Decided not to go to the Bunnyman Bridge 'cause at 2 am there are probably stupid kids drinking there, and the cops show up alot, and i didn't want to even bother with that. it was good. i like driving. i put it in "let me shif some" mode, which was good. the car could really use a clutch though. i need to re-learn how to downshift smoothly in the thing. i can, it's just tricky. i'll probably re-train the thing out in weston/lincoln/wayland/concord area when i bring it up. yes, i'm getting my dad's car. Black. Shiny. Fast. Who wants to buy me a radar detector?

Sunday i'm going to be chilling at my apartment, and people should stop by. nothing special planned, it would just be nice to see people. starting at like, 1 or 2, and until Darxus and i go to bed. not actually a party, just, like, chill. E-mail me for address/directions/phone.
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