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woke up from a nap. or rather, my mother woke my ass up from a nap. it hurts in a thousand places. my brain is a little less foggy than when i fell asleep. even the nap wasn't quite restful. saturday i plan on staying in bed all day with Darxus. I have things planned on Friday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday (all public-ish events, check previouse entries for details) so i don't do that the entire week. i think i'm not-depressed enough to call people when i need to, and to be left by myself otherwise. I plan on being very clingy to my boy for a while though, so if you want to see me, it might be with him, if i'm feeling up to it at all outside of those events. i have lots of logistical life-stuff to figure out as well.

i feel like i'm going to throw up.

i better start sleeping again once i'm back in mass, otherwise, i'll have to start drinking or something at night. hell, i would have been doing that here, if i could have found the smirnoff ice twist thingy's, but NoVa sucks.
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