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i got back to watertown yesterday. my schedule for this next week:… - The Mad Ramblings of Nchanter — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 18th, 2004|02:17 pm]
i got back to watertown yesterday.

my schedule for this next week:

tonight: manray
tomorrow: sleep
sunday: people should stop by, anytime after 1
monday: productivity
tuesday: diesl
wednesday: shopping in providence (i think) and then manray again.

[User Picture]From: perkyfreak29
2004-06-18 11:24 am (UTC)
Too bad I cant fit into that schedule somewhere but thats prolly due to the distance more than anything.

Just think with how random we call each other, there's a chance I'll be in New Orleans before we hear each others' voices again.

Love you babes!
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[User Picture]From: water_childe
2004-06-18 12:25 pm (UTC)
Well that answers my question. I assume you're driving? Let me know when on Wed. Nordstroms huh? I love ya babe but I must say I won't be caught dead in Nordstroms under normal circumstances. *laughs* Lately most of my wardrobe comes from stuff people leave on curbs, thrift shops, clothing swaps, garage sales, or I make it myself. I think the only things I actually buy new anymore are socks, underware, and shoes. And somehow people seem to think I'm fashionable?
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[User Picture]From: nchanter
2004-06-18 12:31 pm (UTC)


well, when mommy dearest is footing the bill. plus some of my favorite things are from there... but i'm glad you'll be suffering for me :-) that and in all reality i AM a suburban princess.

you are fashionable. you have a rare gift. but honestly, since getting to MA i've spent less on clothes than the three years previous to it. that and i seem to be augmenting my style again. or refineing it somehow, less willing to compromise. as i just wrote in IRC to Darxus & Friends "cause apparently i'm really female after all, and shopping helps pain or something :-)"


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[User Picture]From: water_childe
2004-06-18 12:38 pm (UTC)
*G* It's called retail therapy, dah-link!
Hey, if someone else is footing the bill why the heck not?
I'm sure you and I will make quite a splash at Nordstroms.
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[User Picture]From: ithych
2004-06-18 12:46 pm (UTC)
So when do I get to see you, love? Shall I stop by sunday or somesuch?
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[User Picture]From: nchanter
2004-06-18 01:01 pm (UTC)
that would rock.
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[User Picture]From: tameron
2004-06-19 01:48 am (UTC)


I live right near the diner. to find: go up Maplewood, or Irma, to Summit, I live in the one with four cars in the drive... I'm in wtown til the 25th.
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[User Picture]From: tameron
2004-06-19 01:49 am (UTC)

or maybe...

do you still live where Annie did?
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[User Picture]From: rishikanta
2004-06-19 10:58 am (UTC)
Merde alors!
Sorry I missed you at the club last night.
I was in a bit of a funk and spent most of the night in the basement, emerging only to snap pictures.
Hope you had a good time.
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From: billporn
2004-06-19 07:41 pm (UTC)

I'll be there.

See you tommorow.
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