Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

it's 2 am. if i were smart, i would be asleep, in arlington right now. i'm not completely positive i'm gonna go over. not 'cause i'm mad or upset at the boy, but 'cause, well, if i actually fall asleep tonight, him wakeing up in the AM will just wake me up and, well, not alot of sleep for krissy, not that she thinks she'll beable to fall asleep without him anyways. maybe i'm just trying to drain myself so i go to bed early tomorrow night, so i can get up, go get my hair cut, and then have a social weekend.

i cried a bunch today.

wednesday was a very good night at manray.

i don't know. felt like saying stuff, now i don't.

i'm sure i'll end up in arlington somepoint tonight. hopefully before sunrise....
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