Nchanter (nchanter) wrote,

Welcome to the People's Republik

I'm back in Mass safe and sound. asciikitty is the best for going with me. The Virginia DMV sucks 'cause when mom went down to get the titles changed on my car (formerly known as dad's car, the acura) and the stupid (formerly known as my car, the bravada SUV) the DMV said that when titles change that they have to change the registry number, aka, the plates. So the stupid, which is being donated to the Salvation Army's Program for recovering Substance abusers, and my car, no longer have vanity plates, but generic 3-letter *dash* 4-number virginia's 400th aniversery (which is in 2007, jamestown was founded in 1607. the lost colony of roanoak(sp???) doesn't count.) plates. however, mom said she was fine foregoing the $50 trade in on the plates on dad's car so i could keep one. this maked me somewhat happy, even if i'm pissed at the DMV for makeing us take them off in the first place.

Rideing rollecoasters rocked.

darxus is home now. i'm gonna go get laid.

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