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"i'm not good i'm not nice i'm just right. i'm the witch, your the world" -Into The Woods (Sondheim)

I have a couple of rules when dealing with me and my friends, and i just thought i would clarify, for the record.

1-Take responsibility for your actions. If you did something stupid when you were drunk, you still decided to get drunk, therefore, your still responsibile for what you did.

2-Yes or No. Give me a direct answer, and don't say yes when you want to say no, just to spare my feelings. I'd rather you be honest than nice.

3-Don't ever welch on a promise. If you have to break a promise, or an engagement, you better damn well try and make it up, and have a damned good excuse.

4-If you have an STD, or may have been exposed to an STD, or are sleeping with someone with an STD, you tell the person you are planning on sleeping with before you sleep with them, even if you are going to be useing latex. if you somehow forget, you tell the person afterwards. it's not up to you to decided to put them and all their sweeties, and all of their sweeties sweeties at risk.

5-Appologies are accepted when i see a genuine effort to change, or signs of real remorse.
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