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i just pumped out two pages of typed writing that will be, after a bit of editing, my admissions essay to Lesly College in Cambridge, MA.

Yes, i'm applying. the original idea was to apply for fall, but i got all freaked out, and pushed it back to spring semester. I am now wishing i hadn't been such a pussy and had actually gotten off my ass and applied to fall. i have concidered calling the admissions office tomorrow, talking to the lady that hadles transfers (they consider me a transfer, wtf) and see if i can still swing it for fall, but considering i haven't contacted the college boards about my SAT scores, or any of my people that i want reccomendations from, yea, not likely. I think spring is a much more reasonable goal.

I'll let y'all read the essay when it's done. I wish i had better personal referances lying around, like that the sh*t that happened with my last boss didn't happen. oh well. c'est la vie.

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