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i'm awake. i can't sleep. i'm worrying about stuff like "should i bring my laptop" which would normally be a "yes" if the case wasn't cracked, makeing it so the screen is only connected to the base by one of the hinges, and there are metal bits exposed, and going through airport security you have to take them damned thing out of it's case, and honestly, i'm pritty sure it was airport security that did this in the first place. yes, i'm scared to send my only computer to dell. yes, i'm too scared to even CALL dell. i said i'd try and do my college app and get a job first, 'casue really, i can't do either without a computer. and yea, i will still beable to use darxus's computer when mine is at dell, but um, yea, we really shouldn't share one computer all the time. esp when it's not mine :-P

there are also twice as many computers in that house as there are people. yea. my sister and my mom both have a desktop and a laptop. *grumbles* they don't DO anything with them. i mean, if i had a decent desktop, or laptop even, i'd atleast GAME. but no, i have the oldest, slowest computer of the bunch. that, and if i had the HD space, i'd have stolen the TNG from Darxus already. I'm asking for the $$$$ to build a decent gameing machine for christmas. granted i haven't built anything since Junior year of High School, but that's what the boy is for. and all my geeky ex's. that and i always found it easy. and back then i use to put them togeather from remnents and parts we weren't sure worked.

ok, i'm gonna crawl back into bed, curl up with the boy, and not sleep some more. or something. i'd finish packing (carry on bag, i'm really not going to bring the 'top, i'll e-mail the relevant files to myself. or maybe there is a floppy around here) but then i'd have to turn on lights, and there is no sense in both of us not sleeping.


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